Vintage Portable Lighters and Table Lighters

Welcome to Vintage Lighters where we celebrate vintage cigarette, cigar and table lighters from around the world.  Please read our articles on the vintage lighter brands which influence much of the design of lighters we see in the world today.

Zippo Lighters

Zippo LogoProbably the best known lighter producer on earth, Zippo started making lighters in 1933 and continues to do so today. They are still the only lighter manufacturer that provides a life time guarantee on their lighters.

Zippo lighters obtained their popularity in the course of World War Two producing lighters with all the insignias off all of the navy ships.  These lighters were highly coveted by those serving on those vessels. Following the end of the war, Zippo became the billboard of United states as a marketing channel for just about any organization.

Purchases of as few as fifty lighters were all that was required to have Zippo style and design a lighter using your personal company logo. Zippo lighters were chosen to commemorate unique events, political campaigns and all sorts of sporting activities. Zippo carries on these days as it always has with the finest guarantee on earth.

Ronson Portable and Table Lighters

Ronson LogoRonson plc, founded by Louis Aronson, initially commenced trading as Ronson Art Metal Works (RAMW) in 1886.  RAMW produced many different types of decorative metal wares,  for example gold plated paperweights,  lamps, ashtrays. A lot of these products had been influenced by European and Asian designs and it was not until the early 1900s that the company started to produce lighters.

Among their most memorable devices was the Ronson Touch Tip Lighter. This system utilised a detachable rod that could ignite when pushed on to the lighting mechanism and permitted the consumer to bring the rod towards the thing that need to be lit up, this made it a simple system to utilise.  Countless different art objects integrated that touch tip system. The Ronson Bartender Touch Tip is one of the most well-known of the touch tip series. Numerous styles have been created including cigarette containers, ashtrays and clocks.

Dunhill Cigarette, Cigar and Table Lighters

Dunhill LogoOne of the most renowned of all of the top end lighter manufacturers, Dunhill is the ultimate example of lighters as artwork. At first  Dunhill produced premium add-ons for cars for the prosperous, after which the started to produce smoking add-ons for example pipes.Within the tobacciana industry they quickly identified that there was a gap in the market for a top quality and dependable lighter.

From the launch of the Dunhill Unique at the start of the 1920’s, Dunhill took over as the manufacturer which the wealthy sought out whenever they needed anything truly unique. Dunhill produced lighters in lots of finishes and alloys, such as sterling, 9 carat, 14 carat, 15 carat, 16 carat and 18 carat gold.  Many lighters integrated itesm such as timepieces, pipe tampers and cigar cutters. Most had also been enameled with the renowned enamels associated with Germany and France.

Scripto Portable and Table Lighters

Scripto LogoThe Scripto Company which started out in the nineteen twenties producing mechanised pencils joined the cigarette marketplace by producing the Scripto Vu-Lighter at the start of the 1950’s. Scripto employed a transparent container that permitted for ad to be positioned within the petrol tank. Whenever the actual container was either full or clear the advert would be seen.

The Vu-Lighter furthermore had an extremely clever system that would permit just a tiny amount of solution to get into the wick which significantly reduced evaporation. Even nowadays, Scripto lighters over 50 years old still retain the fuel from when they were last filled. Numerous well-known organizations utilised Scripto lighters for their marketing and like Zippo, they produced a sports series of Scripto lighters.

ST Dupont Cigarette and Table Lighters

ST Dupont LogoST Dupont, based in Paris, initially established itself within the lighter production business in the mid nineteen twenties.  However they didn't become well known until the forties when they started designing stunning and exceptionally practicable lighters in first-rate enamel and engine worked coatings. Aided by the professional enamellers of the far east, Dupont started providing a number of styles that swiftly became popular amongst those that could afford such workmanship. With the introduction of butane lighters, Dupont promptly started creating butane lighters of very high quality and evolved into among the best known lighter producers of top quality and style. ST Dupont to the present time creates some of the best lighters in limited and normal editions.

Evans Portable and Table Lighters

Evans LogoThe Evans Business, started out as a handbag producer around the early 1910s. From the early twenties they started creating lighters employing the lift arm system, like the technique employed by Alfred Dunhill apart from the fact that flint wheel had been installed vertically instead of horizontally. The Evans Company designed countless stunning lighters with this particular method integrating enameled cases to house the system. Evans produced coordinating cigarette cases which carried similar designs.

During the forties  and fifties, Evans created a huge selection of ornamental table lighters employing stunning enameled bases in different shapes, many in the forms of fruit , all of which used the same lighter unit. This particular lighter unit was effortless to fit in to any kind of ornamental base and applied for quit some time. With the introduction of the butane system, Evans created an identical size unit in butane to ensure that customers might easily change their ornamental bases in to butane lighters. The Evans Company made lighters to the Early 70's.

Colibri Portable and Table Lighters

Colibri LogoColibri has a formidable standing with the serious tobacciana enthusiast and is most commonly know for the famous Colibri windproof lighter.

Whilst the typical smoker  might have come across the company, it's safe to say that Colibri lighters tend to be beyond the budget of most novice collectors. However, if collecting vintage lighters is a passionate extension of one's style, then you definitely want to own a few Colibri lighters.

A great example of a Colibri is the submersible lighter which is well loved by those who lead an active outdoors life, through its beauty and functionality being both waterproof and guaranteed to light in any weather conditions.  For this reason it has become a firm favourite of boat fisherman the world over.